medina ingredients

all recipes are formulated with ecological certified preservative emulsifiers and surfactants pure unadulterated essential oils organic carrier oils and organic botanicals

foaming cleansing gel

arabic black tea extract mediterranean saffron pink rose petals cardamom muscavado sugar pomegranate seed oil pomegranate fruit powder dead sea salts aloe vera  white willow bark vegetable glycerine xanthan gum acacia gum naturagard preservative coco glucoside surfactant frankincense neroli and rose essential oils 

toning infusion 

egyptian hibiscus tea extract sandalwood hydrosol alpha hydroxy acids from citrus and berry vegetable glycerine naturagard geranium and neroli essential oils

face serum - pink lotus

amigel (fermented sugar paste) aloe vera hyaluronic acid (plant based) olive squalane pomegranate seed oil kalahari melon seed oil lotus flower essential oil

exfoliant - egyptian hibiscus

egyptian hibiscus tea extract pink clay yucca root himalayan salt sea pumice jojoba beads aloe vera poppy seed oil egyptian black seed almond meal acacia gum resin vegetable glycerine xanthan gum naturagard preservative coco glucoside surfactant geranium pink grapefruit rosewood lemon messina essential oils

face oil - beauty

abyssinian oil poppy seed oil raspberry seed oil barbary fig seed oil elderberry seed oil violet leaf and geranium essential oils

face treatment cream

arabian black tea extract rose safron cardomom aloe vera argan oil pomegranate seed oil shea butter sweet almond oil olive squalane vegetable glycerine olivem wax emuksifier muscavado sugar lactic acid (plant based) naturagard preservative jasmine gardenia neroli frankincense essential oils

detox face mask

dead sea mud activated charcoal black clay white clay witch hazel extract dead sea salts rosemary hydrosol licorice root naturagard preservative vegetable glycerine cypress aniseed sweet fennel essential oils

 face oil - midnight

argan oil pomegranate seed oil blackcurrant seed oil raspberry seed oil apple seed oil jojoba oil jasmine and gardenia essential oils

luxurious body cream - gardenia and blackcurrant

black currant tea african shea butter black currant seed oil plum kernel oil acacia gum resin aloe vera strawberry seed oil vegetable glycerine naturguard preservativeolivem wax emulsifier egyptian gardenia jasmine and tuberose essential oils

luxurious body cream - hyacinth and honeysuckle

passionflower tea aloe vera mango seed oil mango seed butter african shea butter passionflower oil vegetable glycerine naturguard preservative acacia gum olivem wax emulsifier honeysuckle and french hyacinth essential oils

luxurious body cream - hypnotic incense

sweet almond butter sweet almond oil abyssinian oil camelina oil olive oil acacia gum colloidal gold aloe vera vegetable glycerine olive fruit oil frankincense resin olivem wax emulsifier naturguard preservative arabian frankinsence resin white musk flower east indian nag champa oak moss cinnamon myrrh essential oils

luxurious body cream - rosehip and rose

rosehip tea rose petals african shea butter rosehip oil camellia oil sweet almond butter olivem emulsifier acacia gum aloe vera naturguard preservative bulgarian rose and egyptian geranium essential oils

face treatment mask

moroccan rhasoull clay african shea butter sandalwood hydrosol sandalwood resin kaolin clay vegetable glycerine wild thyme honey naturguard preservative avocado oil egyptian jasmine essential oil

cream cleanser

oatstraw extracts blackstrap molasses sugar cane coco glucoside surfactant aloe vera african shea butter sweet almond oil vegetable glycerine olive oil sodium lactate lactic acid (plant based) naturguard preservative olivem wax emulsifier egyptian jasmine essential oil

brightening exfoliant

lemon peel powder bamboo kaolin clay tapioca starch sea pumice citrus bioflavanoids yucca root vegetable glycerine rose hydrosol witch hazel tonic aloe vera castor bean oil naturguard preservative coco glucoside surfactant lemon messina rose frankincense and mandarin essential oils

handcream - tangerine fusion

wild harvested beeswax olive wax emulsifier raw cocoa butter sunflower seed oil orange blossom water vegetable glycerine naturguard preservative tangerine sweet orange and lime essential oils

daily face cream

mediterranean olive leaf extract olive butter olive fruit oil vegetable glycerine aloe vera olivem wax emulsifier naturguard preservative acacia gum resin and sage essential oil