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the medina collection


medina skin care is a a hand blended boutique range of professional biologically active skin care including face body and fragrance

beautiful fusions of pure raw plant based essences herbs spice seeds flowers oils butters earth mineral nuts fruits from exotic locations as well as here in nz with selected wild foraged flora and fauna

naturally active formulas blended in synergy ensure maximum therapeutic benefits

handmade daily in small batches to ensure freshness and quality from wild hand picked and imported exotic botanicals

original creations are tested on real people of varying skin types and ages never animals

intoxicating aromatherapy blends derived from pure unadulterated essential oils resins absolutes steam distilled hydrosols barks and floral waxes to capture the essence of intrepid journeys and a love for ancient holistic exotic bathing rituals

free from synthetic fillers petrochemicals harmful toxins parabens un natural colorants and perfumes

minimal labelling eco friendly glass packaging with minimal plastic 

cruelty free

all ingredients are from organic bio grow eco sustainable fair trade spray free wild harvested sources and where possible direct from small industry growers 



medina morin


with a background in the beauty therapy industry for 10 years and a deep love for ancient beauty traditional medicine practises and perfumery from egypt grecian and roman times inspired by medina and mecca in the sun drenched desert of saudi arabia and travels to the mediterranean came the notion for this beautiful line of luxurious organic skin care

this is my true passion that begins at the heart from researching to travelling to wild foraging formulating testing and bringing it together into a complete and effective product 

inspiring beauty of all ages 

medina x